'Seo' Bee Keeper Experiences & Bees wax workshop

What is Bee keepers?

Do you like honey?

Alright, then who is HARVESTING honey from beehive?

Honey is harvested by whom..... guess whom?? 
So, the answer is Bee keepers. They are taking care of honeybees and harvesting honey in the right timing in the summer. Bee keepers are also one of farmers in agriculture industry like milk cow ranch. Did you know that? I did not know that.... until meeting Mr. Seo who is bee keeper in Furano.

Actually, his base is located in Shiga prefecture in Honshu island nearby Osaka, Kyoto in Kansai region. Shiga is know that has biggest lake 'Biwa' lake in Japan. 

Bee keeper, Mr. Seo is farming honeybees whole year. They are moving with honeybees depends on the season. they are coming up to Furano between June and September for harvesting honey. then after that, they are getting back to their home town Shiga prefecture in the autumn. And keep moving for keeping honeybee's swarms in the good conditions to more south part of Japan, Amami island during winter season from December to February.

Then, back to Shiga prefecture for a whole, then coming up to Furano in the summer again.

urespa-furano bee keeper experience tour is showing what bee keeper is doing for honeybees. How do they control bees??? How do they harvesting honey from beehive??

Also, honeybees might show you more important relationship with us. If they all gone in the world, can we keep the life as been like now?? 

Anyway, let's find the answer with us, 

Welcome to honeybee's world.

Let's preparing for your grateful experience with honeybees!