Cherry Tomato Picking Tour

How much sweet! Amazing Cherry Tomato in Kuroki Farm

Think about cherry tomato, maybe that is always there in your lunch box, dishes at dinner or fresh salada, whatever. But you might think about Cherry tomato is not main dishes. Maybe you do not eat them becouse of they are sour sometime.

But you will change your mind if you eat their Cherry tomato in Kuroki farm! Those are not vegetable anymore, they are sweet tasty fruits!!!  Like strawberry, everyone who does not like tomato, they will like it after joining our tour!!

Kuroki farm is keeping mind to make organic soils, Not relying chemical things, always thinking to make healthy food for all of our body. 

Tour Itinerary

1:00 pm Pick-up  
*Pick-up service at your lodge is available.

1:30 pm
*short break at 'Furano Jam Factory'

2:00 pm cherry tomato picking!
Visit to Cherry Tomato farm 'Kuroki farm' in Rokugo Area in Rokugo area
Tasting Cherry Tomato Juice 'Natsumi'
Cherry Tomato Picking (20min.) & Tasting

2:45 pm
*short break at 'Glass forest in Furano' original 'shibare' glass shop

3:30 pm shuttle to your lodge

*Usually, Afternoon tour only. We will try to arrange starting time to your request time.

Tour Price

4 yrs old and over: 4,400 yen pp
     Under 3 yrs old: free.
       *no inclusive services.
       *under 18 yrs old is required for a guardian joining per a child.

Requied minimum 10 persons
(4 yrs and over)

Shuttle service is possible for 7 persons maximum. If your group is over 8 persons, please ask us.

Required pre-booking 

Required pre-booking until minimum 3 days before your tour starts.

Season starts / end
End of June - end of September

*Subject to change depend on climate, some other farming conditions. Please check tour condition us.

Inclusive belows

Petit Tomato Picking Experience & tasting at Kuroki Farm, Tasting Petit Tomato Juice 'Natsumi'

Pick-up service is available

JR Furano station, Alpine Visitor Centre, Resort Hotel Edelwarme and nearby there.

*If you are over 8 persons group please ask us.
*if you need arrange pick-up point, please ask us where is convinient for you.

Your Baggage

Please use;
Coin lockers in JR Furano Station
Cloak service at the your hotel
Left luggage service at Information centre in JR Furano Station

Private Tour

Arrange your vacation in Furano

Kuroki Farm and spring water area is located in 'Rokugo' area, suburb of Furano. The landscape has been known as Hokkaido's picturesque. Please let us support your planning. (Additional fee)

【Rokugo Area sightseeing points】

    Glass forest in Furano, Jam factory & 'Anpanman' shop (Japanese popular cartoon ), Music box shop