Furano Melon Harvesting Experience tour

Tour Price

◆Melon Harvesting experience: 6,450 yen pp

if it is not good timing for Melon harvesting on the tour day, the plan will be changed to all-you-can-eat-Furano-Melon plan.

Required pre-booking

Required pre-booking until minimum 7 days before your tour starts.

Requied minimum 2 persons

Shuttle service is possible for maximum 7 persons in a group. 

Season starts / end

July - middle of August
*Subject to chenge, depends on weather or farming conditions. Please confirm tour condition.

Inclusive belows

◉Harvesting Melon experience and take it home
*Please check your country lows for import food before join our tour.
*If it is not good timing to harvesting on the tour day, it will be changed to all-you-can-eat-melon plan.

◉Tasting cut melon
◉Exploring Melon Green House

Tour Itinerary

*Subject to change, depends on tour conditions.

 10:15 am  Pick-up
     *JR Furano station, Alpine visitor centre,
                        Hotel Edelwarm or
                         pick-up point can be arranged for you.
 10:30 am  Visiting Ooishi farm
                        *Melon harvest experience,
                        *Tasting cut melon

    11:30 am    Shuttle to your point

Your Baggage

Please leave your baggage at your hotel lobbe, JR Furano station coin locker, Information centre at JR Furano station.

Pick-up service

Available, please ask us when booking.
Pick-up points: JR Furano station, Alpine Visitor Centre, Hotel Edelwarm
*if you need to arrange pick-up points, please ask us.