Furano Melon Special Tours

Now accepting bookings for next season 2019!!

The Tour will starts from beginning of July to end of August. (subject to change, please contact us.)

Why so delicious Furano Melon?

Visiting Furano melon farmer in countryside of Furano. You can listen their true story of Furano's historical agriculture.

This farmer is 5th generation and have long history of farming in Furano, Yamabe area. His ancient family had come from Akita prefecture in Honshu island around Meizi era.

You might feel the Pioneer' soul through their story. Tasting cut melon, enjoy melon harvest experience!

And more new experience tour is presented by urespa-furano 2018! 'Furano Melon & Honeybees Eco Tour' offers you more Furano speciality, do not miss it. Please join us!