Berry picking tour for good experience for family!

Strawberry, Blueberry, Blue honeysuckle picking Experience 2018

Strawberry, Blueberry and haskap(blue honeysuckle) picking tour!
Harvesting season: end of June - middle August and September - October
This is good experience for family with small kids.

Tour Price 

6 years and over: 2,500 Yen 
Under 6 yrs.:  Free
          *no inclusive our special favor.
          *required 1 guardian joining per under 6 yrs. child.
           If not, required plus 1,000 yen per a child.

Required minimum 2 adults (+6 yrs) 

Shuttle service can be arrange for 7 persons group.
      For over 8 persons group and need shuttle service. Please ask us. 

Required pre-booking

Required pre-booking until minimum 3 days before your tour starts.

Season start / end

around end of June - middle of October
*Subject to change, depending on farming conditions 

Harvesting season for; 
Strawberry >>> middle of June - middle of July / end of August - beginning of October
Blueberry >>> middle of July to middle of August
Blue Honeysuckles >>> middle of July to end of July

*Please confirm berry's conditions.

What's inclusive in the tour price?

Berry picking experience, 'Yuki-chan' Ice cream, 

The tour starts

Morning tour: 8:30 am - 

Evening tour: 1:30 pm - 

*if you need to arrange tour start time for the group, please let us know.

Pick-up service

Basically maximum 7 persons is Available, please ask us when booking.
     Over 8 persons in your group, please ask us.

Pick-up points: JR Furano station, Alpine Visitor Centre, Hotel Edelwarm
      *if you need to arrange pick-up point, please ask us.

urespa special favors

1. ) Picking and tasting (20min.) what all you can
         + Take away a container (300ml) of picked Berry

           *Term and Farm conditions to change,
            depend on climate and other reasons.
             Please confirm it when booking.

2. ) Free coupon for tasty icecream at the cafeteria

3. ) 10% off coupon for cafeteria menu

Popular food & drink menu (May - October)

[Pork Steak Hunburger] / [Pork Hunburg Hunburger]
           100% Kamifurano local juicy pork  with original buns made 
           by Furano rice flour!!