Overnight camping-trailer @ Ooishi-farm camping

Ooishi-farm is located in the bottom of Ashibetsu-dake mountain which is Furano's iconic mountain. 'urespa+furano' is planting rice with Furano locals by our hands. Our rice patch is apart of Ooishi farm rice paddy fields. We set up camping trailer just right next to our small rice paddy. Great views from there, good looking mountain Ashibetsu-dake and rice paddy fields spreading out in from our camping base. This is 2 days 1 night overnight camping experience with our unique and fun farming tours. Enjoy Ooishi farm main products Rice and summer vegetables picking! Do not forgets Furano Melon is also their speciality. Outdoor cooking is one of high lights of camping activities. 

 A lots of tips for any life events and great opportunity, especially for children. We have also unique farm tour & guide tour, please choose and customize camping tour. Make your original plan, Enjoy farm life & camping experience!

Our base camp is camping trailer, we have also real camp stay as free option. 'urespa+furano' guides fully attending and organizing.

Welcome to Ooishi-farm.

Camp Itinerary (example)

Subject to change due to the farm, climate, safety or any other reasons.

Day 1

1:00 pm Meet & Great 
Furano station or Kitanomine resort area. Pick-up service available for 7 passengers, please let us know when booking.

1:30 pm Check-inn & Introduction
Guiding and itinenary 

1:45 pm Let's get to start! 
Set up tents, for dining, Toilet and Kitchen etc...

2:30 pm seasonable vegetables picking @ Ooishi Farm

Gets new experiences.... Smoke bacon making, Hokkaido Butter making, born fire, Rice paddy observation etc... 

Let's start cooking for dinner, First... make fire!

<Dinner menu e.g.>
> Furano style BBQ, Venison, pork etc.... 
> Dutch oven menu
etc... menu is changed due to ingredients situation

5:00 pm Let's eat! 
Inclusive soft-drinks and water. (all you can bring Alcohol beverage, stop by the shop by your request)

7:00 pm Shower time in 'Edelwarme Hotel' artificial onsen

Inclusive: onsen fee, shampoo, body soap, hair dryer in the bath

8:00 pm ~ Night & Star gazing 
around the onsen, or Ooishi farm

9:00 pm ~ Information for tomorrow plans & Go to bed. 

* Main Camping base is camping trailer, inclusive Sleeping bag.

Need more adventure? Free option, sleeping in the tent. It would be much more adventure and camping experience.

Customizing for your suitable travel plan... we are happy to your requests!
Please contact us first anytime, anything else what you would like to know.

Day 2

6:00 am Start freshness another camping day! 

6:30 am Go for a walk rice paddy fields and enjoy option tour!

Option tour #01
Seo bee farm honey harvesting tour (June, July & August)

*subject to change due to any reasons. please confirm our conditions.

7:30 am Breakfast cooking 

<Breakfast menu e.g.>

> tasty rice from Ooishi farm
> Pan cake cooking by Rice powder from Ooishi farm
> Tasting your own made smoke bacon
> Tasting your own made Hokkaido Butter
etc.... menu is changed due to ingredients situation

9:30 am ~ 10:00 am Packing down & Check-out

Enjoy more with us, fun & unique optional tours!! (10:00 am - 12:00 pm)

Option tour #02 Fishing 
(Tour time: 2 hrs. / Tasting your fish)

Option tour #03 Furano Melon Harvesting 
(Harvesting your own melon and take it your home! Tasting cut melon / Tour time: 1.5 hrs.)

Option tour #04 E-Bike Gold mountain guide cycling
(Start/Goal: Matsutsuru-farm / Tour time: 2 hrs.)

12:00 ~ finishing the tour

Non-stopping adventure with us!? (Afternoon plan)

Option tour arrange for afternoon from 1:30 pm 

Option tour #05 Seo Bee Farm Beekeeper experience tour 
(Beekeeper experience / Tour time: 2 hrs.)

Our terms & conditions

Camping base farm & Period

Ooishi-farm (Yamabe area in Furano countryside): End of June - August

Required age / maximum participation

School age & maximum 4 persons *for 5th participant, please ask our conditions.

Private Camping trailer Farm camp tour (2 days 1 night) package cost 

Group of 4 persons: 180,400 yen
Group of 3 persons: 166,100 yen
Group of 2 persons: 151,800 yen

*Charge extra costs for optional tours by customer's requests.


Farm experience at Ooishi-farm, Hokkaido Butter making, Smoke bacon making (meats is changed due to conditions), Dinner & Breakfast Outdoor cooking ingredients and kitchen tools, Soft drinks & Water, Camping Trailer, Camp equipments (sleeping bag, towels, sanitary items for toilet), Onsen hot spring, bug spray 

Meals: 1 Dinner, 1 Breakfast and soft drinks & water

Alcohol  beverage: all bring yourself, we will stop by the shop by your request.


Fitting and suitable clothing and shoes for outdoor activities! 

Long sleeves shirts, long pants, socks & under ware  (easy dry material fabric, synthetic fiber is better. and some extras for more better),   sun block items (cap, hat, sun glasses etc... ), Walking shoes or trekking shoes (NO sandals)

Any compact extra warm fleece fabric OR compact down OR anything worm Jackets & Pants

Our region Furano has suddenly gets lower temperature in daytime in Summer season (July & middle of August) like 20C. It often happen rower 10C temperature in the nighttime in middle summer season.

For sure warmth outfits is useful in Hokkaido, please add these items in your travel check lists.

Bug spray (mosquito/insect repellent), sun glasses, sun block & skin Gard medical care if you have.

Your special care for medicine, Tooth blush & paste and anything for daily or emergency case what you need. Especially for your health issues, or allergy, please let us know before joing our tour. 

Optional Tours!

*subject to change due to climate, farming or any other reasons.

Option tour #01
Seo bee farm honey harvesting early morning tour (June, July & August)

(Tour time: 1.5 hrs. / Gets fresh Furano pure & raw honey!)

Option tour #02 Fishing
(Tour time: 2 hrs. / Tasting your fish)

Option tour #03 Furano Melon Harvesting
(Harvesting your own melon and take it your home! Tasting cut melon / Tour time: 1.5 hrs.)

Option tour #04 E-Bike Gold mountain guide cycling
(Start/Goal: Matsutsuru-farm / Tour time: 2 hrs.)

Option tour #05 Seo Bee Farm Beekeeper experience tour 
(Tour time: 2 hrs. / Beekeeper experience)

Additional Tour cost: 3,500 yen per person

Inclusive: Rental equipments for the tour

*All member will join same optional tour.