Travel Trailer Farm&Camp Tour

Camping base at the farm or private site 

Let's go camping trip with 'urespa+furano'

'urespa + furano' presents overnight camping at the farm, our private farm, Matsutsuru farm. Sometime, enjoy camping at private sites such as our friend's forest 'MUSUBI-no-Mori or Phantom village 'Takisato' offer as well. 

All in one package for camping 

Nothing worry about any equipments for camping! We organize dedicated camping equipments for you, tents, sleeping bags, kitchen tools, food..... all in one package for sleep overnight in the farm camp! (exclusive personal medication or any other personal stuffs) This is also private tour!

Farming experiences and more outdoor experiences

Inclusive farm experiences for vegetables by the farm or each seasons. We think about some locally like meats and venison from local ingredients and history. Learn and enjoy more outdoor experiences for bon fire, outdoor cookings, camping knowledge and taking to Onsen (Hot spring)! 

Feel more wilderness

Listen.... in the darkness, thousands of songs from the fields, forests, so many lives surrounding us. And millions of stars are just shining in the sky.... stargazing is also one of enjoyable moments in outdoor life!

Travel trailer (Camping trailer), Enjoy camping anyone else!

We setup camping trailer as well as tents options, for any cases or situations. Even if you have NO outdoor camping experiences, Do NOT worry anything, Just enjoy first experience! We host your safety and fun overnight farm camping at the farm from check-inn to check-out. Hosting whole camping trip by dedicated staff 'urespa+furano'.

Let's go camping! Enjoy outdoor life!!

Our Camping Trailer: Emeraude 376 V edition premium

Camping Base

Urespa Farm

Main base
(May - September)
Location: Nakafurano town

Phantom village 'Takisato'

sub base

(May - October)

Location: Ashibetsu city
Camping here for 3+ nights camp tour or some seasonal reasons.