Travel trailer Farm&Camp Vacation
 in Furano

Farm & Camp private guided tour from ( min. 2 nights)

<< Season: April - October >>

Ultimate Furano local experience camping vacation!

This is urespa+furano presents, camping and unique local experiences private tour. An incredible way to have a unique local experience, such as visiting farm, E-Bike cycling, Fishing and more fun outdoor / hands on workshop, etc...

urespa+furano provide all the gears, local guide, meals and transportation for the camping. Also inclusively 2 seasonable experience tour from our unique local experience tours! Nothing to worry and preparation for the tour! 100% focus on camping vacation.

We set up travel trailer 'Ace Caravans' at basecamp in private property where is surrounded by farm lands.

Our travel trailer promise you, Comfortable sleeping bed, cozy & private space and relaxing time....

And we will make suitable camping plan for you with your specific information or if you have any particular request, please just let us know. We love to figure out what is better for you.

Our camping tour is suitable for anyone, especially a family vacation with children or even first timer for outdoor camping.

Your dream comes true in Furano!

People is dreaming to camping here... how much fun and exciting! This make sure it will be magnificent and memorable experience.

This is our goal, your dream comes true in Furano.

Please send us a massage through by contact form, this is the most important thing to do in your preparation before coming to Furano!

So, are you ready to open the door for new journey? 

Ace Caravans (Across car) Project 375ET


  • Perfect Isolation for cold region specification
  • Solar panel battery
  • FF kerosene heater
  • Gas stove
  • Refrigerator
  • Cassette toilet
  • Seating with pull-out table) / bunk bed for 2 persons
  • Seating with pull-out table) / double bed for 2 persons

Our travel trailer promise you... comfortable and cozy room.

Pick your visiting season

we are recommending regular farm and camp vacation tour! Each itinerary is inclusive for local experiences from urespa+furano local experience programs. Friendly hosts awaits your sign up! 

Private / basecamp style / Multi-days camping trip

Regular Price 

for 6+ years old;

☆2 nights & 3 Days: 48,250 yen (+ tax) for per person

Additional cost for 1 person 24,750 yen (+ tax) for per person

*the price is for regular itinerary. If you add optional tours, additional cost is required.

What Inclusive?

Travel trailer (Ace Caravans Across car Project 375ET) rental fee, Local guide, Face towel, Sleeping bag, Linen, Dinner & Breakfast (for 2 or 3 days), Onsen fee, Insurance, 2 - 4+ seasonable local experience programs  (Experience programs depends on circumstances for the conditions of seasons or your itinerary)

What preparation for the tour?

Fitting and suitable clothing and shoes for outdoor activities!

Long sleeves shirts, long pants, socks & under ware (easy dry material fabric, synthetic fiber is better. and some extras for more better), sun block items (cap, hat, sun glasses etc... ), Walking shoes or trekking shoes (NO sandals)

Any compact extra warm fleece fabric OR compact down OR anything worm Jackets & Pants

Our region Furano has suddenly gets lower temperature in daytime in Summer season (July & middle of August) like 20C. It often happen rower 10C temperature in the nighttime in middle summer season.

For sure warmth outfits is useful in Hokkaido, please add these items in your travel check lists.

Bug spray (mosquito/insect repellent), sun glasses, sun block & skin Gard medical care if you have.

Your special care for medicine, Tooth blush & paste and anything for daily or emergency case what you need. Especially for your health issues, or allergy, please let us know before joing our tour. 

Term & Conditions

Pre-Booking 30 days before the day

If it has been already less than 30 days before your departure, Still DO NOT GIVE IT UP!!
Please just ask our availability by free of charge! We are welcome you.  

Age limit 

Over 6 years old

*Consider, for infants to stay, if guardians take their responsibility and risk in outdoor life. Please ask us.


Minimum 2 persons of 6+ years old / Maximum 4 persons of 6+ years old

*If your group has over 5 persons, Please just contact us. We may be possible to prepare one more travel trailer. We will try to do our best.