About change your booking

Please let us know immidiately by telephone when get found it out. 

TEL; +81 90 - 6261 - 9668

We will try to reschedule with your plan.
but if we already have other tours on the day, we have to cancel it in that case.

Please confirm your schedule before booking our tour.

About cancellation

Please let us know your cancellation immidiately by telephone or e-mail.
We do not charge cancellation on you. 

Contact telephone number for cancellation: TEL +81 90 6261 9668

  • Your flight, trafic jam, car accident or JR trables ware canceled by poor climate (Taiphoon) or some other serious reasons.
  • Rescheduled your travel plan (e.g. change direction etc...)
  • Your physical issue, your child has fever etc... 
  • Any other reasons

Unfortunetly you have to cancell our tour to your something reason, we are sorry for it. We are happy to get your phone call and see you in another time!

we cancel the tour sometime depend on poor climate or farming conditions.

Our tours are getting affected by weather conditions. We really appreciate that you understand us, then we will suggest you another plan.