Procedure for payments, cancellation or any requirements

About Payments

We will let you know the total tour cost in the confirmation e-mail. 

Basicly, payment by Cash or Creditcard (VISA, MASTER, AMERICAN EXPRESS) on the tour day.

Payment by cash;
Please pay in the total cost possibly (we have not prepared many change)

Payment by Credit card; 

For user of Credit card, please understand to surcharge for using credit card.
It 3.25% - 3.97% depends on credit company.

About change your plans

Please let us know immediately, when found it out.

We will try to reschedule with your plan. But if we already have another tours on the day, we have to cancel it in this case. Please confirm your schedule before booking our tour.

About cancellation

Please let us know if you need to cancel our tours as soon as possible by telephone, e-mail or WhatsApp. We do not cancel charge.

  • Your flight, trafic jam, car accident or JR trables ware canceled by poor climate (Taiphoon) or some other serious reasons.
  • Rescheduled your travel plan (e.g. change direction etc...)
  • Your physical issue, your child has fever etc...
  • Any other reasons

Sometimes, you have difficult arrangement and planing with your travel schedule on the way. If you get in like this situation unfortunately, please just let us know. We are sorry and will get it. See you in another time!

We cancel the tour sometime due to poor climate or poor farming conditions.

Our tours are getting affected by weather conditions. We really appreciate that you understand us, then we will suggest you another plan.

Please contact us

Phone: +81 90 6261 9668
WhatsApp: +81 90 1147 2122

We love to talk!