Breakfast Picnic at urespa's rice paddy


urespa+furano offers something more specials of Furano. This is one of our speciality, Breakfast picnic! We take this special experience with E-Bike guided touring, or some other our experience tours. Take our breakfast picnic sometime during your Furano holiday, if your lodge has not meals services. 

We try to use local seasonable ingredients, fresh vegetables, Furano Milk, Furano pure honey, Homemade Jam of strawberry & Haskap (Blue honeysuckle berry or Blue honeyberry) !

Today's breakfast menu from Tomo's kitchen....

  • Summer vegetable Tomato soup
  • Fresh salad from our garden
  • Hot Sandwiches (Egg / Tuna)
  • French Toasts with Furano pure honey & Homemade Butter
  • Plan Yogurt with Furano pure honey, Homemade Jam (Strawberry / Blue honeyberry)
  • Soft Drinks (Coffee, Tea, Orange Juice and Furano Milk)

Welcome our rice paddy breakfast picnic!