Looking for something good items for urespa + furano workshop in the park


I came up to the park to looking for something good items for our workshop. It was super sunny day, feeling to get outside!!! I need to get out, maybe take my bike to the park!

It takes about 30minutes away from my house by my MTB. Peddaling slowly, feeling warm spring sunshine and smell. Farmers are tilling soil, working hard. That sands get in my eyes.

a week ago, I came up here for checking and taking photo as check points of Photo Rogaining sports events. At that time, I already found this should be good items for my workshop!!

So that good items are PINE CORN.

This park has a few type of pines. It is difference size and shape of pine corn by each type. Very interesting me, and some animals are also looking for pine corns as different purpose.

I could to pick good good Pine corns. Spring is good for picking up them. Some of them looks are roses. Some of them has beautiful wings. Those give us impression for artworks.

How to works pine corns.... !?