New Adventure tour 2020, 'Furano Farm camp & Farm life' 


Here is our urespa+furano new adventure tour 2020 news! Farm camp & Farm tour with private camping trailer!! All camp tour is organized and coordinated by urespa+furano. Camp at urespa+furano's  friendly host farmers in and around Furano. Of course inclusive harvest experiences for seasonable freshness vegetables for outdoor cooking! Our host farmers offers their special crops, asparagus, cherry tomato, Rice, summer vegetables, Furano melons.... etc....!

We cook dinner and breakfast together, our ideas for menu are local ingredients BBQ,  Dutch-oven chicken & local vegetables pot, Curry & Bread, Smoke bacon, Paella, Gambas al Ajillo (Spanish-style garlic seafood), 'Kushi-katsu' tempula, hot sandwiches, Rice & Miso soup, Pizza and etc.... lots of ideas and plans! 

Our local ingredients inspiring us. Which means, Furano is one of the agriculture land in Hokkaido and Japan. Once you join our tours, feel more real. 

Make born fire to cooking dinner and breakfast, it will be fun and be important knowledge in wilderness. We may learn more what is happiness for you, what is most important priority is for now, or feature... So we learn or feeling a lots of things for our life is miracle and most valuable thing.

Open your mind, get fresh air, listening nature, wakes up your 6th sense. You will get more power and feeling unlimited energy!