Great outdoor first experience in Furano!

Stream river fishing & BBQ

Charcoal grill BBQ day camp!

Great experience for Family, Friends or Couples! Private tour... Support your first outdoor experiences!


8:30 am Meet & Greet at urespa+furano basecamp

8:40 am - 10:30 am 

Let's go fishing! (lecture for fishing rods & river side, etc...)

◉Rental tackle (Fishing rod, fishing bait and rubber boots. please give us your shoes size.)

◉Not sure to get fish or not... please understand that we do not secure your fish.

◉Please ready to go before leaving the basecamp, No bathroom around river.

11:00 am - 11:30 am

◉Stop by super market on the way to return our basecamp. Please buy some ingredients & drinks for your BBQ, if you need. (payments by your own)

Noon - 1:30 pm

◉At the basecamp, Taste your fish! Clean up your fish and grill by charcoaled BBQ. Enjoy juicy and tasty fish, we will support you! (inclusively, plats chopsticks and charcoal grills)

◉Also, you will enjoy your own BBQ with your brought ingredients to use our charcoal grills.

◉Do not worry about you could not catch fish, we prepare charcoaled grills and tableware (plates & chopsticks)! Enjoy charcoaled BBQ with your own ingredients. 

Tour costs (6+ years)

 8,800 yen per person
*private tour and required minimum 3 persons
*Please ask us if you have infants or under 5 years old child.

What inclusive in the cost?

  • Fishing rods  (poles), Fishing Bait, Rubber boots
  • Charcoal grills, Charcoal, outdoor chairs, Tables, Tents, tableware and water (for drink as well


  • It is open to bring your own BBQ inglidients! It is like soft drinks, ahlcoholes, meets, sausage or veggies & spice seasoning. (we make time for shopping) You can save fishing time, if you could go get food previouse day.

Term and conditions

  • Private tour and required minimum 3 persons
  • Required 6 and over years old and has to guardians participations
  • One fish rod (fish pole) rental to over 13 years old each
  • For under 6- 12 years old, share a fishing rod with guardian.
  • Tour capacity will be acceptable maximum 5 - 6 persons in stream river fishing. 
  • If you need only BBQ, still you can join as same as normal tour cost required.
  • You need to drive your vehicle (rent-a-car) to fishing river (15 min. driving) depends on participants number. 
  • We will give you lecture and tips for fishing. But unfortunately, it be happened to get skunked in the nature. Please understanding.
  • We have cancel situations depend on the weather on tour day between a few days. In that case, we offer beeswax & candle making program instead of fishing experience. (Non BBQ in this case) We will contact you first then discuss how it go.

Suitable outfits for the tour

  • This is outdoor activity, so please prepare your own bug spray, long t-shirts, long pants and running shoes as much as keep cool materials, fablice and suitable for outdoor.
  • Spar clothing (like socks, pants) for when get wet your clothing. Also towels will be important for outdoor activities. 
  • Wind breaker, thin jacket or rain jacket and pants will be handy for It will be very handy and supportive in your travel in Hokkaido!
  • Sun screen, sun glasses, hat or cap. Furano will get 30+ C hot summer in July. So please prepare these cool down items for you and your small chidlen.

Booing / inquiry

urespa+furano local experience tours will reply you wihtin a few days. But if you have been waiting longer, please contact us directly by E-mail again. Also, we have whatsApp account, +81 90 6261 9668, please send us whatsApp message if your request date is within next 3 days or shorter.