Furano local winter experiences!

Let's discover local life style!

Furano locals are enjoying winter with what? and How?

What is your winter? and How do you spent time in winter season??

Winter in Furano, it is supper tough season for every species. Furano very much often gets -20C or less. That temperature make sure to frozen everything, even the moisture in the air will be frozen.... that is sometime scared us, and feeling such a no life here...


Do NOT against wilderness, just belonging to be a part of the nature.... This is our ancestors had been thinking and spent daily life... imagine like this way. Always people find enjoyable moments in any situations!! 

A lots of things to do in winter season, skiing, sledding on the hills, hole fishing, hot air ballooning free flight, snow activities here! 

I gets a lots of questions from guests in summer. 

Are you sure to drive on the snow??
How much snow in Furano??
Can you walk on the snow?
What clothes you need in winter?
What are farmers doing in winter? Everyday is just holiday!?

Oh, yes hundreds questions are just pop up! Let's get answer from Furano locals!