Beekeeper experience & Beeswax candles Hands on workshop


We had guests for Beekeeper experience & Beeswax candles Hands on Workshop. In that day, it was beautiful blue sky in a week! So lucky we are....

Our guests came from Obihiro city (3 hours driving away from Furano) for business, 5 years ago, they actually had lived in Furano. Last year, they moved to Furano again. They are really interesting in bee keeping. Because of planning of to be Beekeeper!! They are so surprised beekeeper is in Furano, So always Bee farm is not easy to find out. because of bee is sometime not welcome to residents.... that why, usually we do not see bee farm. 

Anyway, they have a plan to do bee keeping in the feature! That is great to us and SEO Bee Farm as well. They have hundreds questions, they are so excited with Seo Beekeeper. After finishing tour, Client said 'I would like to learn how to bee keeping from SEO Beekeeper, seriously. I would like to consider it!'

Oh wow!! But his wife is a bit calm to say 'how about winter season?? Is it possible to keep bees in winter season in Hokkaido?' They have to think about many things, but they just find a light to go forward, I seem like this.

We enjoyed with them beeswax candles hands on workshop as well. They will return to SEO Bee keeper in near future, then they learn more from them.

Beekeeper experience 
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