Honeybees special tour

Beekeeper experience & Beeswax hands on workshop

Season start / May & July - August 

This is more digging more deeper honeybees world in half day. We visit SEO bee farm first, to know about beekeeper and honeybees. After that, we experiment to extract beeswax and making beeswax candles. Beeswax might be getting more focus on as ECO-friendly material, such as beeswax food wraps instead of plastic wraps recently.

Europe countries has thousands of history of honeybees. Especially, Beeswax has been known as important material in their daily life such as for using lighting candles, treatment for burning injuries, or mummy coating from BC centuries. We have a lots of things to learn and how to enjoy beeswax, from ancient people.

Get to know Honeybees, and get better life!?

Tour price

School age (6 years and over) and over : 9,800 pp 

*required school age & over
*required guardian for minors apply
*required guardian for minors apply


Bee keeper experience, rental (Work-suites, bee gloves, bee vail, gum boots),
travel insurance, Beeswax workshop experience

Required minimum 2 persons

up to 7 persons

*if you are over 8 persons group, please ask us.


1:30 pm
   Meet & Greet at your lodge or around JR Furano station, Kitanomine Resort area

1:40 - 2 pm  (experience time: approx. 1h)
   Protecting rental wear put on your cloth, after arrive at the farm.

  ◇Inspection the farm
    ◇Experience bee keeper works
    ◇Tasting honey

3:00 pm  starts hands on workshop

◇Beeswax extracting
*if we can not prepare dry beehives due to the conditions,
we will use beeswax before we extracted.
◇Making Beeswax candles

4:30 pm 〜 finish

*We can arrange meet and greet place for your convenience. Please ask us when booking.
*The experience place will be driving away approx. 10min. from Kitanomine Hotel Area or JR Furano station.
*The end of the tour time will be changed due to the conditions.

Requirements for apply

Over primary school age (6 years and over)
Interesting in bee keeper works and honeybees world

  • Honeybees has stinger. Please understand that and listen to our guide very much.
  • If you do not be friendly with insects, we can not recommend this tour.
  • We will prepare protection like worksuites or some other accessaries for protection. But sometime it might happen to get stung. Please let us know if you have some allergy. We might have a case to deny your apply due to your conditions.
  • Please do not make noise, or do not run at the farm. We will give you some tips for being friendly with honeybees. But if you ignore it, and find some dangerous behavior in the tour, we will stop the tour. We do not refund if in that case.
  • For minors, please apply with guardians. 

Meet & Greet

At Kitanaomine resort area, Resort Hotel Edelwerlme, Alpine visitor centre, JR Furano station. We will arrange it for your convenience. The farm might be 30 minutes drive away due to the day, please ask us when your booking.