Cabbage Tour

Visit Endo Farm, and discover farmer's winter life!?

Snow is covering everything, everywhere in Furano.

Vegetables are very important and valuable ingredients for winter life. So our ancestors ware thinking 'we gonna keep freshness veggies during winter.... But how?' So they find the best way to using snow!

They find that way makes high sugar content! Why!?

The farmers in Furano, what they do in winter season?? Farmers are also wintering with veggies!?

Let's explore farm, and find interesting their winter life style!


middle of December - beginning  of March

*subject to change due to snow and farming condition. please check with us before booking.


10:00 am Meet&Greet at Endo Farm

*Preparation for experience
*Introduce Endo Farm
*Wintering veggies & winter farming experience
*Snow picnic & lunch on the snow! (schedule to change due to climate conditions or any other reasons)

If weather is not good for outdoor lunch on the snow, move & eat lunch at Restaurant La Collina.

[Lunch Menu]

'pot-au-feu' with Endo Farm wintering vegetables & La Collina's homemade sausage

or Minestrone soup with Endo Farm wintering vegetables & La Collina's homemade sausage

12:30 pm End of tour

Tour Cost

Ages 4+ : ¥13,200 pp 
Infants (under 3 years old) : Free of charge *Non-inclusive lunch set

*Basically, Please prepare winter clothes by yourselves.
*Do not hesitate to contact us anything else.
*for minors participation, required 1 guardian participation at least
*the number of participants is less than 3, required additional cost. Please confirm us.


Digging wintering vegetables experience, shovels, Tasting Cabbage, 'pot-au-feu' special lunch of Endo Farm wintering vegetables & Furano local produced winter veggies & sausage,  insurance, English speaking local guide

*Basically, please prepare by yourselves, winter clothes like ski pants and jacket, Beanie (warm cap), neck warmer, ear warmer, snow boots (gum boots), waterproof gloves etc, what you need for outdoor activity.

*We have rental clothes, winter boots, waterproof gloves. If need them, please ask us. 

Required minimum

3 persons of age 4+

*required additional charge for apply, less than 3 participants. Please confirm our condition and ask the cost.

The place of farm

Endo Farm (Tanaka farm, Naka-furano town)

What is suitable Clothing for this program?

Good examples:

Ski jacket & pants, waterproof gloves, Winter waterproof boots (winter gum boots), Beanie (warm ski hat), neck warmer and anything water and snacks what you need.

Does not matter, Jacket and pants are using for skiing or not, very important point is everything should be using waterproof materials!

hem and cuff of Jacket or pants has a function for block snow is great!

We have rentals, so please ask us if you are difficult to get winter clothing.

Required pre-booking 3 days before

Please check our availability or any other inquiries.

Great offer for participants of Cabbage tour!

Ice cream making by using Natural snow

Why not you don't try to make ice cream making in snow land, Furano!? This is great experience for family or group as option for Cabbage tour.

Please ask us if you are interesting it.

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