Seasonal Veggies picking & Pizza Outdoor Cooking

Seasonal vegetables Picking & Outdoor Pizza Cooking Experiences!

Great opportunity, making pizza by yourself 

Picking fresh vegetables at our urespa vegetable farm and topping them on your making pizza with our homemade tomato source!

Vegetables from urespa vegetable farm;

Cherry tomato, egg plant, green onion, green pepper, cucumber, zuchini, potato, sweet corn, Edamame, etc... 

How much tasty and freshness? Ripping vegetables very well in the fields?
Have you seen Cherry tomato and other vegetables what they are look like growing up in the fields?
What's the point to figure out which one is freshness one when shopping at supper market? What's the difference those vegetables, at the fields or at the supper market? Why they are so tasty?

Fresh air, magnificent green fields, incredible mountain views.... they would be magical seasoning to becoming tasty pizza!

Enjoy outdoor cocking experience at our basecamp.


End of June - September

*Subject to change due to farming conditions, weather and any other reasons.
*Required booking before 7days of your requested date. The tour will be canceled, If there is no booking on the date.
*Please just let us know if our operation dates is not commitment to your traveling date. We will try to arrange it for you.

urespa vegetable Farm at 'urespa + basecamp'

It takes 10 minutes driving away from centre of Furano town. 

Booking Required

Before 7 days from your requested date. Otherwise, the tour is canceled.

Tour price

+ 4 years old: ¥6,600 per person

* 3 years old and under is free of charge.
Do not including any experiences, thank you for your understanding.

Required minimum 3 persons

+ 4 years old & 3 persons

* Under 18 years minors are including in the group, one guardian is required.


Picking seasonable vegetables, Pizza making experience, All equipments for picking and cooking, Tasting pizza, English instructions, insurance

  • Amounts for picking vegetables are only for pizza topping.
  • If some vegetables are left beside of topping for pizza, please enjoy them as fresh salad.
  • One whole pizza (the size: approx. 15cm - 20cm diameter. The size is different by each), each person
  • Using homemade Tomato Pizza source and basil source which made in urespa vegetable farm.
  • Usually, using ordinary cheese. 
  • Pizza can not take away. Enjoy pizza at the farm.


9:30 am Meet & Greet

10:00 am - 12:00 pm making pizza, topping and baking!


  • Minors (under age of high school students) are required application with one guardian at least.
  • We do not have any nursery equipments, such as baby car, toys baby bed and food etc... please preparing those stuff by yourselves if you need.
  • If you are taking baby or small children, we have the case to ask you to drive to the farm.
  • This is outdoor program, please take care of yourself for sun screen, or bug spray etc...
  • Please tell us if you have some serious allergies for food and anything. If so, we may have to deny your application depends on the case.