E-bike Cycling Guided Tours

Let's go E-Bike cycling!

Season start / end of May - middle of October

What is electric bike, 'E-bike'?

Electric bikes aren't motorbikes or even mopeds - instead, they provide power on demand, responding to and complementing your pedaling speed and power. If you pedal hard, little battery power will be used. As you slow your pace, though, the electrical assistance kicks in and provides a welcome little boost! Most e-bikes provide up to 150% of your own power with each pedal stroke. You should still prepare for your time in the saddle, but you'll have more reward for your efforts.

No stress on the pedal
No sweating on the steep slope
Yes! E-bike is great way for exploring Furano great scenery and farming countryside cycling.

Stop pedaling, and taking photo.... Furano has 4 seasons. Each season has defferent faces. Colorfully, sometime brightly, Furano has plenty of colors. Let's find your Furano's color.

Why we recommend E-bikes?

Great for a couple, family and friends for sightseeing Furano

Yes, our local Furano specialist will take you to the best location at each season. Our local guide has a plenty knowledge through been working for Furano Tourism Association over 10 years. Also choose the cycling route and can be arrange for your cycling level and your requests.

Great for Multi-generations family

Grandmother and grandchildren can enjoy together and make sure to have fun memories gather.

No stress for the first timers

Even repeat travelers to Furano, you will find Furano 's new face with our guide. Our guide speaks English, Do not worry for missing your route!

Our Electric bikes 'E-Bike'

E-bikes & MTB are offered by 'Toco Toco cycling' or 'GOSUMI' rent-a-cycling.

  • We choose suitable E-bikes for your fitness, depends on your tall or weight. (extra cost for upgrade)
  • If the rental e-bike is broken by your faults, we might charge the fixing cost.
  • Please purchase a travel insurance for your secure, and under your responsibility.


*Cycling ability and experiences

*Required 143 cm tall and over 12 years old

*Physical fitness for cycling 2 hours and over
*Suitable clothing and shoes for cycling

Required Pre-Booking

Please book advanced 3 days to your requested date. 

Required minimum 2 or 4 persons

All of your group member is over 12 years old and 143 cm tall at least.

If the number in your group is less, do not give up to join our tours. We will try to get something solutions for you, please contact us.

*The tour is possible arrangement maximum 7 persons.
*1 Day touring is required minimum 4 persons.


Electric bike rental, Cycling route guide, Picking experience (Furano melon, cherry tomato, strawberry etc...) depends on season

What you need belongings for cycling?

  • Please prepar suitable clothing for cycling. (e.g. long pants, spats)
  • Jacket or winds breaker, sun screan, drink, snacks, sunglasses
  • The cost for private shopping at souvenir shop or restaurants, these are Non- inclusive.


*Non-refundable after starting the tour with any under reasons.
*Non-refundable for cancellation on the tour by customers reasons.
*Please leave your baggage (e.g. suits case, back packs) at your hotel or use baggage clam
*Tour operation might be cancelled depends on poor weather (storming, sunder etc...) .
We will let you know as soon as possible in that case.