'urespa+furano' Local Experience Tours!

Let's go to Furano and enjoy with us.

'urespa-furano' presents local experience tours which comes up through our true experience in Furano. It has been almost 20 years since urespa+furano moved to Furano. Still enjoying lifetime with friendly locals. They makes us smile from the bottom of our hart. And Wonderfull people.

We would like to introduce our Furano locals and share apart of our lifestyle. We hope these experiences make you feel more conformable and familiar with Furano. 

Furano would become  your second hometown.

This is private tour. Enjoy special moments with your important friends, family.... and with our Furano locals!

Unique local experience programs

Visit our friendly farmers & gets farming experiences!

'urespa+furano' takes you to Furano local farms. Let's gets new experiences by our friendly & host local farmers.  

Furano melon harvesting, Cherry tomato picking & outdoor cooking pizza making, or  Beekeeper experience and Winter season too!!  Any farming experiences would be great opportunities  for you.

We are so happy to be your local guide in Furano, and then this your trip would be chance for your another next returning trip to Furano.  

E-Biking with local guide

E-Bike guided cycling tour

E-Bike makes so easy to go anywhere else where you want! 

Local guide choose suitable cycling route for your cycling ability by your experiences....

We are happy to support your original plan to visit during travel in and around Furano! 

Do not hesitate to ask us.... Anytime anywhere anything else.

Travel Trailer Inn

Travel trailer inn in SUMMER

Multi-days Private Farm&Camp vacation trip

Sleep over in 'Travel trailer', and wake up at the farm! 

Some farming, E-Biking or some more special experiences from our unique programs offer too!!

Do not worry about anything, Even if you have non-experience for camping!! We set-up all gears, stuff, cooking, etc.... for you.

This is our special camping program by through 'Travel Trailer'. 

*Minimum from 2 nights.

urespa+furano new project!

Travel trailer inn in winter 

MINPAKU (Privete Lodging) Stay in

We are also host for Private Lodging Business ''MINPAKU(民泊)'' stay. Special offer for our guests to stay in our 'Travel trailer inn'

Our trailer is in the cockpit in front of our house in winter. Please enjoy minimum life with our 'Travel trailer inn'!

Maybe our travel trailer inn would be suite for someone like who are planing on: 

  • Love snow & winter life 
  • Longer stay in Furano
  • Keep stay on the POWDER  during the season

*Minimum stay from 5 nights

Term: December - March

Private Lodging Business Register Number: No. M010027840-go 

Furano four seasons

Winter season

November - middle of April

'urespa-furano' is thinking, Season in Furano is starting from the Winter season for everyone and everything...

Spring season

middle of April - middle of June

After wihte season, everything wakes up and beggining the life.

Summer season

middle of June - August

Very glowing season, Summer in Furano. Furano 's summer is very short, it is going busiest season for all of live.

Autumn season

September - October

Brilliant harvesting season, gives us a life.