Cherry Tomato picking in Kuroki Farm & Short Track International competition!?


We had clients from America and Nagoya pre. at that time for cherry tomato picking experience. A couple from America who had never been to cherry tomato farm. This is actually first visiting farm. They told me, that why they choose Furano as destination in your trip itinerary. They live in Chicago in Central of America. That city is huge population and big city. They was impressive to tasty cherry tomato, such as juicy and sweetness tomato. Because of they had never taken like these sweet cherry tomato in their home!

Also, there was cute moments between Japanese family and them. 11 years old girl asked 190cm tall my client,

'Are you faster for running?'

'Oh!? Maybe, I am not late.'

So, she give him invitation for competition for running!!

Yes! so they compete running short track at Kuroki farm, really enjoy this moment everyone!

It was great opportunity to visit our farmers fields. You will find magical tasty tomato and have great moment with locals!

Cherry tomato picking