E-Bike Lavender area touring - Ocean of Lavender -


How amazing lavender in Furano area, it is just stunning here. Now lavender is blooming. Seems best timing for lavender touring by E-Bike!!

First, Her parents had planned to travel to Hokkaido last year, that's why she just started to collect information for Furano trip. But unfortunately, her parents could not make it at this time, but she already has loved in Hokkaido and Furano area. She could not stop to come here!!

She has been traveled 10 days, also today is last day for her first Hokkaido trip. She has to get back her real life tomorrow.....

So let's go to see Lavender fields by E-Bike! She actually got cycling yesterday in Biei area. It is not far a way Biei and Furano.

But it is different geography, scenery, products in fields, Furano Basin has a lots of rice paddy, wheats, Onion fields and melon is special!!

Tokachidake mountain range is behind of cloud today. Wedding photo touring from somewhere asian countries, they lovely couple is really happy face in Blooming Lavender fields.

I had taken wedding photo in Lavender fields a few years ago, I never forget that sweet memory with my partner, they remind me this.

Today, it was longer touring than regular touring. I hope my client had great memory as first trip to Hokkaido and Furano.

And See you in Furano!

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