Furano Melon Harvesting Experience!


You know, Original of Melon came from dessert....supper hot area. Not like this north island Hokkaido! But Furano melon is very juicy and tasty.... ! Why not!? Recently, Furano melon is very popular. It is reasonable but tasty.

urespa+furano offers you Furano Melon harvesting experience in July and August. This tour is including tasing Furano melon as well! You harvest one melon each then bring it your home as your souvenir!

Please check your home country laws for import. Sometime, it is not possible to bring it in your country.... But do not worry we will prepare all-you-can-eat-melon plan instead of harvesting melon experience. As you know, melons needs 5 days or 7 days for ripping term before you eating. Right after harvesting melon, it is very hard to eat! So usually, we have to wait to eat for a week. So this is one option. If your country van to carry melon in your country, please come first us to harvesting melon! Then traveling Hokkaido, then you try it before return your home.

Now Furano melon is looks great! And perfect and healthy melon so far! I am sure, because of urespa+furano is helping Melon farm!! I am taking care of them with my love!

See you at Furano Melon Farm, you should try my melon!!

Furano Melon Harvesting Experience
Furano Melon & Honeybees ECO Experience