Sheep Shearing before hot season


It is time to sheep shearing! This is second experiences for us. How does it go???

Actually, they will move to county side of Furano. It is not very far a way. But we see them everyday, So we are feeling them like part of our family member. Also visitors who visit to Koroppokuru farm, everyone loves them. We gonna miss them... so sad. But we hope new environment should be more confortable to them.

So this is last time to try it. Next owner has to take care of them after moving. So in this time, he tried for three sheep! At the begining, he was feeling to anxious. Their wool is really deep and can not see the line of skin and hair. It is very anxious. Also their wool is actually oily. This oil is really bothering Electric clippers.

But actually he was nice from last experience through three sheep! Nice try! So we got good row wool, especially from third one!

Now we have plan to wash raw wool next autumn season!! What I make !? Follow up us!