Early summer Model plan

Travel trailer Farm & Camp Vacation, 2 Nights / 3 Days tour itinerary

☆Possible to custom for your group!  

Day 1

Check-inn 4:00 pm

  • Meet & Greet at urespa+basecamp
  • Lecture for Travel Trailer/Basecamp
  • Onsen information

Check-inn our basecamp

Introduction & unpacking your baggage...... 

Lecture and instruction for farm & camp vacation trip. Instruction for all you need to stay in Travel trailer. Easy to use, Cozy and comfortable Travel trailer! 

Let's get to be ready for Dinner, Dutch-oven cuisine

Shopping time! We will take you to super market. Snacks, soft/alcohol drinks, or anything other stuff (like teeth blush, towel etc...) what you need for the camping trip, please get them here.

(Water, barley tea are including tour price. )

4:00 pm  

We have plan Dutch-oven with Furano products!

Onsen trip

7:30 pm - Onsen trip nearby

<<ONSEN (Hot spring)>> pick one bellow our recommended Highland Furano / Banka-no-Yu 

*Onsen fee is including in tour price except Banka-no-Yu.  Additional fee 

*Shampoo & Rinse, Body soup, hair dryer are available at the bath room.  

Star gazing 

8:30 pm - star gazing or play with sparklers.

Bed time

9:30 pm lecture for tomorrow and Good night!

Stay@ urespa+basecamp



7:00 am wake up in the farm! (or forest)

7:30 am Breakfast

Rice ball & Miso soup, Great energy for brand new day!

Rice comes from our rice paddy, Miso is our special homemade.

Let's visit Matsutsuru farm

9:00 am - Picking seasonable vegetables

Matsutsuru farm is one of our friendly host farmers. For more details, Please see our original program page. (click link bellow)

Seasonal Veggies picking & Pizza outdoor cocking experience in Matsutsuru Farm 

*The tour to change due to any reasons such as snow condition, weather... etc.

& lunch time, your original homemade pizza by outdoor cooking

Lunch menu is of course your original pizza by your hands! Enjoy with fresh your pickied vegetables from the farm directly!  

Picnic at Musubi-no-Mori

1:00 pm - 

Musubi-no-Mori is located in 10 minutes from Matsutsuru farm. The owner of Musubi-no-Mori, has unique career. He built small logging house by self-build there, and also feeding sheep, Hot air-balloon pilot as well. Here was used be cow ranch. It has spent over 15 years since the owner bought this place, Now pioneer trees, Birch trees has been glowing. They makes small forest. Imagine walking through birch trees like narrow array between trees. Relax, Refresh, and Reborn your body and soul. 

Shopping & Ready for dinner

4:00 pm - Dinner time, Charcoaled BBQ 

As our speciality:

Trying Furano's producing vegetables (like potato, Carrot, Onion, Rice and more) from our host farmers as much as possible we can.

6:30 pm (Onsen trip / Star gazing) - 9:30 pm bed time

Basecamp: urespa farm (Musubi-no-mori or other....)

Day 3


7:00 am Green asparagus harvest experience & Breakfast  (or honey breakfast etc... )

Visit our friendly asparagus farm, pick some fresh asparagus for your breakfast! 

*it depends on conditions for the farm or asparagus, subject to change.


9:00 am - 10:00 am 

Optional Tours!

*subject to change due to climate, farming or any other reasons.

urespa+furano has valuable options besides of above basic itinerary of spring tour. If you have particularly requests from bellow's option list, just let us know. We are possible to make original itinerary for you. (Required additional cost.)

Option tour #01 Green Asparagus harvest experience (from middle/end of May - middle June)

Option tour #03 E-Bike guided cycling
Option tour #06 Fishing experience
Option tour #07
 Seasonal vegetables picking & Homemade pizza outdoor cooking
Option tour #08 Beeswax & Candle making

Inclusive: Rental equipments all you need for the tour, and local guide.

*All member will join same optional tour.

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2 nights & 3 days / Spring (May) tour

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  • A tour has a possibility of cancel due to poor weather or any other reasons. In this case, we will let you know as soon as possibly. (Non charge)
  • If we have to cancel the tour due to any emergency, we will arrange some other indoor activities or sightseeing tour instead. (Non-refundable in this case)
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