Rice paddy experiences

Why now are we doing like this? 

Japanese rice planting history has about 3,000 years. Still now, rice has never changed the position as our staple food. But after world war Ⅱ, our food culture has been changing by a lots of effection by western cultural environments, very quickly. That would be making our Japanese life style rich and that could be great opportunity for anything.

But to opposite way, I am just feeling a bit that we Japanese is loosing something important things from our newly food lifestyle.

We are thinking that rice planting experiences are simple and easy way to think about what the food is very important. Even just one grain of the rice, we can not leave. We might miss to care of food what we eat everyday, our children eats what?

Hokkaido is known as 200 % self-suffisiency in food, but Even in Furano, especially young generation or my generation who has children, has no experiences of playing, planting or harvesting rice. Recently, we have a distnace between Rice paddy and our daily life. the Rice has to be Japanese staple food, even now.

We have been getting great support from the rice farm 'Ooishi-farm'.

We thank them very much for their understanding to our rice paddy projects.

It is just started in 2017. And we would like to share with more people in the world.

Please join us and feel, think and do with us!

Rice planting experience

Season: Around 3nd week in end of May, 2020 

The price; 4,400 yen pp

Required number of participants;
minimum 2 persons,

Inclusive below;
Rice planting experience, Worksuits, Gum boots, Gum gloves, Field guide

Meet & Greet;
At your lodge or your convenience points.
*If you need to shuttle service, please let us know. We can arrange for maximum 7 persons. For over 8 persons, please just let us know, we will figure out.

Start / End / Experience time;
We will arrange it for your group.
It will be about 1 h - 1.5 h experience time.

Requirements for application; N/A