Furano local wines and Japanese art museum

1-Day guided tour. The tour is including visiting 2 wineries in and around Furano. Enjoy local wines and plus more their special experiences. 

Furano winery Route 237

It is not only snow activities in Furano's snow season!

So This tour introduces Furano local wineries. And plus more interesting experiences. Japanese Painting Arts. Let's have a look!

Goto Sumio Museum of Art

A master of Japanese Painting, Goto Sumio

Since first prize he won, until past a way in October, 2016, His art works have been prized in the world. The multiple homered prized he won, such as 'Taikan' Prize and The Prime minister's Prize of the Japan Art Academy and etc...

He loved the landscape from his atelier in the museum. He left magnificent plenty art works. You can see a part of his magnificent art works in the museum, dynamic and panoramic art! And you will learn what the difference, western painting and Japanese Painting.

After exhibiting, Enjoy special lunch at Restaurant Furano Grill with local wine!


December - March 22

*exclude following dates: December 27, 2019 - January 5, 2020 and January 12, 19, 26

Pre-booking 3 days before

Please check our availability or any other inquiries.


9:00 am Dep. Furano *Please ask us, if pick-up service necessary.

9:10 am Furano Winery

10:10 am Domain Raison

11:30 am Special lunch at Restaurant Furano Grill (2F)
*Furano red glass wine service

12:30- Goto Sumio Museum of Art
*inclusive Ear-phone guide

2:00 pm Dep. the museum

2:30 pm Arr. Furano

*shuttle to your lodge.

Tour Cost

¥12,300 per person (20+ years old)


Furano winery and Domain Raison winery guide tour, special wine tasting and special marriage, Goto Sumio Museum of Art entrance fee, ear-phone guide, special lunch with Furano red glass wine

Requirements for participation

20+ years old (required under the laws in Japan)

Minimum 2 persons required (maximum 7 persons, for 8+ persons please ask us)


*for non-drinker, please let us know when booking.
*for allegies and any diet you have, please make sure to let us know. We have to refuse if find the risk of scaring your health problems. Please understand.

Pick-up service

Pick-up service is maximum 7, Please ask us when booking
*+8 persons, please ask us.

Pick-up service area: JR Furano station, Kitanomine Hotel Area, New Furano Prince Hotel

Introduce Furano local winery

Furano Winery (inclusive the tour)

was established 1972. It has been known to operating by Furano city gueverment. Some of them are getting Gold Prize in Japan wine contest.

Barrel Tasting at Furano winery

Including special guide tour by Furano winery staff. Tasting from maturing barrel of the Furano original type of Grape 'Furano Ni-go (Furano No.2)' . with serving Furano original wine cheddar cheese. And one more plus! White wine tasting!

For Nondrinker at Furano winery

Wine Cheddar Cheese tasting and Furano Grape Jelly 

Domaine Raison (inclusive the tour)

will be newest winery in Hokkaido in 2019! Their head winery is known oldest winery Maruki Winery in Katsunuma Area in Yamanashi pref.. They got to reach Furano as best location for their own new branding winery 'Domaine Raison'.

Enjoy marriage with local wines at Domain Raison

The guide show you newest winery in Furano area. And their goats cheese are very special. Including 3 type of goats cheese & their original brand chocolate with tasty wines from their special selections. Tempting your appetite!

For Nondrinker at Domain Raison

Preparing Goats milk ice cream, cheese tasting & original chocolate