Congratulations! Black & White photography won an award of '2019 Photographer of the Year'


Surprising us by great news from our clients who we 'urespa+furano' guided a year ago. They ware a couple, who were taking Photography trip in Biei district and Hokkaido. We were attending as local guide for entire 2 days. Their photography ware great and quite new angles to our eyes. We learned a lots of photo from them.

We got surprising message from them in a year yesterday. Our client photographer won awards of '2019 Photographer of the Year', 'Overall Winner' and '2019 Landscape Photographer of the year'!! What a great news! This is huge honer for us, and also we are so proud of him. And this happening remember us that our living region has still been attractive and attempting hundred millions people in the world.

These are some their great works from that photograph guiding tour.

Congratulations from bottom of our heart, Enjoy camera life work. We hope see you in Furano sometime.