Beekeeper experience 2020, First day in 2020 green season


Finally, our urespa+furano green summer season was able to started today! We had a couple from Kumamoto prefecture!

Beekeeper experience

I thought it have never opened this year ever... cause of covid-19. Everything was changed our lifestyle, thinking ways... But we can not give up ever!! Do not stop fight to covid-19 or anything unknown something virus or anything!

Anyways, we officially open this summer season 2020. We are taking better ways waring mask, face shield, using disposal gloves and physical distance etc... for safe our customers or our host farmers and families and including our life.  

It is still affairs and anxious covid-19 situations in Japan. Still it is not settlement for it. Now we have to be patient, and taking safe in the home. 

We will win and then welcome you who comes from all over the world in Furano! 

Keep in touch! And be safe and take care each other... See you in Furano in near future!