100% made in Furano Beeswax Eco-friendly Food wrap workshop


This is really really good instruction for eco life daily. It is so easy to start your new eco-friendly life style right now, I guess. Today we had workshop for making beeswax food wraps with my friend and host farmer's family. My own extracted beeswax which means 100% made in Furano beeswax from my host farmer Seo bee farm. Put pine resin and organic jojoba oil into melted beeswax. melting all of materials in the pan, just ready to making food wraps!

Using hot iron, so be careful for your finger. Or beeswax is hot. There is a small tip for finish it up. It is not difficult, this is such a great chance for spending enjoyable time with family. Make more strong bond with family, and also good oppotunity to think about nature and environment which surrounding you.

If you have a chance, please try make beeswax food wraps at your home. Also, We are welcome your apply anytime, of course!