Blooming Furano Cherry Blossom in May


Beginning of May, late spring has come to Furano. I realized, how is going cherry blossom in Asahigaoka park in Furano? Let's get to look Sakura. It was raining and windy last a few days in Furano.

April. Japan has long holiday season from end April to beginning of May. So everybody is unstable in this season. It Just started new life especially after graduated school, even for me April is fresh start season for everything.... and a bit be nervous for new life cycle.

Cherry blossom makes feel better and relaxing our mind to see them.

In Honshu island in Japan, Cherry blossom blooming was finished nearly two month ago. People in Honshu island hear this news, they just say 'Now!? Hokkaido was not yet in spring!? like this...

Our cherry blossom is different kind of tree. This tree was named 'Ooyama-Zakura'. And bloom flowers and leaves at same time! Somei-yoshino cherry blossom which is very popular and common kind of cherry blossom in Honshu island, they bloom flowers first and then open leaves. Also color of flowers of ours, they are deep color a bit and trees are bigger.

In the park, many people enjoyed lunch and chatting with Sakura. We were waiting and waiting this moment during long winter season. This moment, Spring has come to Furano.

Also our spring has still snow in the mountains, enjoy cherry blossom as well as snow!