Breakfast picnic in Lavender Field & E-Bike Touring in Lavender area touring!


We made breakfast picnic at Lavender field on one day with E-Bike touring! The group of 13 persons from Singapore, they really enjoy our breakfast under the blue sky... It was very hot day on that tour day. But blowing lavender fragrance by the winds and great view is just spreading out in front of us... Tokachidake Mountain range looking is impressive!

Here is known as representing scenery actually through photography by professional cameraman with the sing of 'Furano'.

Also several years ago, Furano city stopped wine festival here, they actually move the venue to next JR Furano station. But here is really good place for relaxing.

Guests was enjoying taking photo each other.

After finish up breakfast, we drive to start points for Lavender area touring.

Stop by Choei-lavender field, Saika-no-sato lavender field then reach to Lavender East as our today's goal!

But they are really active and good fitness, they want to extend distance and area, so we got back to Farm Tomita by Bikes! Even 9 years old girl, she was really enjoying cycling with us!

Thank you very much for having us, hopefully see you in Furano!