E-Bike Lavender Area Touring on windy day!


It was windy yesterday, but powerful people come from Singapore who went through E-Bike Lavender area touring!

It was windy but temperature is no cold luckily. So ready to go, we start pedaling with E-Bike. Our first stop is Choei-lavenderen observatory. We saw people was preparing and testing single chair lift beside of Lavender fields. They will open it this weekend I guess... Check Lavender flowers are turning purple color now. It is very cloth to blooming early blooming lavender. Smell is floating surround me.

Mountain range is called Tokachi-dake. Which is a part of Daisetsuzan National Park. This is active volcano very much, still coming up former from a few crater all the time. it has been ready for next eruption.... people is talking. Every where in Japan is shaking recently. Nobody can not stop Nature powder.

Nicely up and down rolling hills in Lavender area, get to Farm Tomita which is popular place as Lavender fields. Already many people was enjoy flowers there.

We enjoy windy cycling day, E-Bike is very helpful like today's weather, we got against winds, but pedaling is light, becorse of Electric assistant is very powerful and working very well.

If you have chance to take our E-Bike, you will get this feeling!!

Thank you for having us! See you in next time!

E-Bike Cycling Guided Tour