E-Bike Whimsy tasty Furano Area Touring


Last Sunday, we had first E-bike tour 2018, Family come from Indonesia, they really enjoy Furano Cheese Hot sandwiches & Furano Milk Sandae & Furano Milk at Fujii Bokujo (Fujii Ranch) stop by Hokkaido Centre Mark, Furano winery then go through Furano Countryside then goal at Strawberry picking.... I am shamed to non-stop at Rokkatei sweets cake shop on the way to berry farm. it was no time!!

It was fun ride, after cycling touring, they took JR Sightseeing Train 'Norokko-go' at Lavender Farm station to Biei area.

We really want to advise to tourists, please stay in and around Furano for sightseeing. Furano area is huge and a lots of things to do here...... day trip from Sapporo to Furano, of course it is possible, but you might miss a lots. We are shamed about this.

If you are planning to visit Furano now, please take a time in Furano. 

E-Bike cycling Guided Tour