E-Bike Furano Area Touring + Breakfast Picnic


On last Sunday, it was light raining day in Furano. 7 days before, checking forecast for next several days all the time.... bothering raining mark everyday.... we have slightly chance to get sunshine between raining and raining.... but weather is changing everyday. It was difficult to figure out better weather for E-Bike touring.

On previous day, forecast said Sunday is cloudy! 'We are supper lucky!' I thought. But on the midnight, weather turned to rain on Sunday! OMG!! How we ganna do----!

We had a slightly chance in the morning. No sunshine, but not heavy raining. hopefully, Raining stops for a few hours. Our clients come from Malaysia. Malaysia has often raining. They said, 'it is like Malaysian raining.'

First we served breakfast on glasses in the park. It was picnic style, it was raining. But the park is belonging next to the small forest. So Bird is singing beautiful songs, mist raining gives us minus ion, that is healing our soul. It was actually relaxing time very much.

Hot sandwiches for Eggs and Tuna, Home made sausage Hot dogs, plus fresh cherry tomato which my farmer is taking care, Banana, Furano product Onion Soup. Coffee, Tea, Orange juice and Milk.

Raining almost stop around finishing breakfast, so we take short cycling to Furano Cheese Factory, it takes 30 minutes. Our clients loves cheese! Our motivate gets up! Let's go cycling to get cheese!

Cycling in the forest for a while, going through river side. Then gets a bit challenging slope right before Furano Cheese Factory.

It was successful E-Bike Touring!

E-Bike cycling guided tour