Wintering Veggies Discovery


Once almost snow was gone in early December in Furano. But snow make sure to come to covering everything in Furano so quickly. Wintering Veggies Discovery Programme is one of our interesting tours. They are first visiters to this programme on 10th December. First we introduce farmer Mr. Endo-san. And inspect his massive refrigerator. Come inside, feeling warm to compare outside. But temperature is still cold inside, 1 or 2C!! So outside is just minus temp!! On that day, it was - 8C in the morning!! Glasses was cloudy!

So there are a lots of potato in the many boxes, they are waiting to ship to Honshu island. Also a lots of cabbage are here to keep warm. Let's taste this cabbage. They are tasty and freshness, and flavor is sweet a little ..... remember this with your tang.

So let's get wintering cabbages! So where are they??

Actually, they are lie down under the snow cover!! So they lines up on the grand after harvesting, then wait snowfall. Snow is covering a little by little and day by day...

Why doing like this? refrigerator is not enough for keep them??

Do you know how warm in the snow? Actually, it is warm rather than outside temp. Temp is keeping always 0C. 0C is still freezing for veggies. Some veggies are best to harvest in winter season. This winter is not our winter actually, means Honshu's winter. So Hokkaido and Honshu island has season gap. Our autumn season is Honshu's Winter season! Furano is possible to harvesting winter veggies in our autumn season! Then, winter veggies has glowed slowly. that's why they are possible to get high sugar content rather than other seasonal veggies. Also, they are stronger to plant in winter season. They have protected to becoming sweet by themselves. 

This is important point for why winter veggies are sweet?

They are protecting by becoming sweet, creating sugar inside, then making to be difficult to freezing under minus temperature!! This is the reason why are they sweet?

And why the farmer is using snow?? Because of, unnecessary electric power, creating natural refrigerator system and No effect to environment, this is perfect Eco system we have. This is only possible to work in snow land, like Furano.

Snow has moisture, keep freshness by moisture of snow!! Refrigerator is really dry....

So get them and taste some on the snow, feeling like cabbage...!

This is Furano style to keep freshness and creating tasty veggies in winter season! Let's join us, visit the farm and discover Furano Original life style with us! 

Wintering farm tour