Floating beeswax candle workshop


A last week, I tried making floating beeswax candles. I just wondered how to make floating candles?? I googled on internet, people was thinking same thing to me.

So preparing just yarn for candle wick, melted beeswax and water balloon.

Most important tip is quick movement. Because of Beeswax is getting hard in super faster! So dipping yarn as your favorite length in beeswax. But be carefully, yarn has to be dipped straight as possibly. Otherwise, dripping beeswax and get hard quickly on yarn. Yarn has a lots of bumps. It should be difficult to take off those drops of beeswax... so just drop yarn straightly though beeswax very quickly!

And inflate a water balloon as your favorite scale. Too much scale is not cute, maybe 5 cm diameter or less should be pretty candle and much better for floating in the water.

Here is my floating beeswax candles!! And I made acorn's caps floating beeswax candles as well!

Enjoy candle night sometime....