Furano & Biei district photography guided tour


'urespa + furano' got request for photography guide from Australia. We take them Biei and Furano area for 2 days. We had an inspection Biei and Furano district before we taking them. We has to be professional as local guide. So we have multiple times of conversation figure out what kind of photography you want. Of course, weather is supper important. But nobody control this. But the cloudy is sometime good lighting for black and white photography. Weather photographer likes that tastes, all weather should be all good for photography.

Biei area has been very famous and popular photography place already. It was not cold recently, But it was windy. It must be hard to stand outside with winds. Hands are getting cold quickly, face is frozen...... But they would not stop photography. If you are luckily, wild animals appear in front of us.

Photography in Biei and Furano districts all through year. Whenever, wherever, does not matter, awaits your visiting.

But please remember respect locals and local life. Sometimes, it is happened to anger locals by some bad behavior of tourists. We lost already some great view spots in the past. This is very sad and tragedy, no one happy.

Best thing is communication between both us and tourists. Recently, a lots of international tourists come up here. We love to welcome. Let us support your holiday makes enjoyable moments.