Furano district Summer Festival July 2018!!

Summer season has a lots of fun events in July 2018!!

You already planed or still thinking when come to Furano.... please get these information! I make sure these information will be very helpful to make your decision!!

>>> 14th July (Naka-Furano town) Lavender & Fireworks *fireworks from 8pm

>>> 15th July (Kami-Furano town) Flowers & Fire 'Shikisai' Festival *fireworks from 8pm

>>> 28th & 29th July (Furano city) 'Hokkai Heso' Belly Button Festival
* Belly Button Carnival from 7pm on both day

>>> 28th July (Minami-Furano town) Kosui Lake Festival & Fireworks * fireworks from 8pm

We are waiting your apply!!