Furano Melon E-bike half day tour in Yamabe Melon Area


It was too much hot in Furano, outside temp is 35 degrees and celsius....

It has been unstable and cold weather recently in Furano. But suddenly, Furano just turns out summer time. So for first 10 days in July, it just kept going over 30 degrees and celsius.

On that one hotest day, urespa-furano had family from Hong Kong. Warming up, stretching then let's go to Melon farm in Yamabe area.

Furano Melon is special products in Yamabe area where is suburb of Furano. It is just 15 minets away from hart of Furano town. We are heading Ooishi farm who is taking care of urespa-furano rice field.

'Today's most important thing is Furano Melon!!'

Try hard to peddaling under hottest templature, but delicious juicy melon awaits us!
Go go go!!

Takeing tasty ice cream at Furano cheese factory on the way to the farm. Our guests ask us 'What is that vegitable?' Water melon fields is spreading out on the way and great view with Ashibetsudake Mountain range as well.

Finally, we got to 'Ooishi Melon Farm' after 1 hour cycling. Exciting Hurvesting, enjoy talking and cut melon!!

Thank you for having us, and enjoy your holiday!

E-Bike cycling guided tour