Furano Lavender Blooming & Fireworks & Festivals Information


It is a Furano summer time! Lavender starts to blooming and scent lavender aroma is floating in the air... Our E-Bike Guided touring will takes you to Hokkaido Landscape cycling including poplar lavender fields, Farm Tomita, Saika-no-sato and choei-lavender field. Recently, this area has busy traffic, our highly recommendation is our E-Bike guided touring! I can say this is the best way to go sightseeing! No stress on the pedal, on the road, Get local experience! Please check our tour!

Also here is summer fireworks & festival information in Furano, Come and Join us!

【Fireworks & Festival】

Nakafurano town: Lavender Festival & Fireworks on 13th July

Kamifurano town: Flowers & Fire Season festival on 14th July

Minamifurano town: Sun, Forest & Lake festival 'Kanayama Lake festival' on 27th / 28th July

Shimukappu Village: Shimukappu Village Festival 3rd / 4th August

Furano city: Furano fireworks event on 11th August

【Summer festival】

Furano city: Hokkai Heso 'Belly button festival' on 28th / 29th August