Furano ski area OPEN on 24th November for '18-'19 season!!


Open Furano ski area on 24th November, for '18-'19 snow season!!

Congratulation! What I say with this word between friends always. So suddenly Furano gots snow fall for a 1 day, and it was possible to open ski area! What a wonder land Furano!

So we urespa + furano loves snow! We are looking forward this moment!

But still snow is not enough, ski area open a party. And new thing happened here!

Radio Gate System is instructed in Furano Ski Area finally! A bit price and system for purchasing lift passes, is changing this season. Especially, for international guests, it is a little confuse process to purchase the tickets. But do not worry about anything!

Here is link address for snow resort, Furano ski area! Please visit it.


Do not forget to check our Winter Discovery Programmes along with skiing for your winter trip to Furano!!

See you snow land Furano!