Coming up new experience 'Goats Milking' in next spring!


Our relationships is very interesting and unique. One of our friendly farm has goats for making cheese. Now their goats are very much pregnant!! They will give a birth in March. So, Busiest season is just coming up soon! Their tummy looks very heavy, and Mother goats seems need some exercise, a little chubby. So today was Furano blue bird, it was a perfect day for a little workout and soaking some sun. But a few goats are feeling cold and they are not workout because of heavy tummy. That is so cute, Goat keeper call one goat's name, She answering, but does not want to move.. but her name was called and answering but deny moving....

Repeat after this, finally, she ware following other goats.

That's so cute one moment today. 

So around April, they will start milking experience program, so we urespa+furano follow them and update as soon as possible we can! Just keep in touch!