Hands on work of Beeswax Candle stand by urespa + furano


It is raining a bit and cloudy in Furano, on like this weather, I should stay in my work. I tried to make candle stand for beeswax candles.

urespa + furano offer you indoor experiences besides of outdoor activities like E-Bike or Farming experiences. Especially, I love those time to just concentrate on my work. I just figure this my personality since child hood. I can forget other things I have to, just focus on things in front of me. This moment clear my head and release my stress.

My candle stand workshop is taking just your ideas and your imagination. Materials are coming from nature in Furano. including candles which made by Honeybees. Such a wonderful.

Such a great experiences are waiting you in Furano! We are welcome you!

Beeswax & candles hands on workshop