Homemade MISO workshop second in 2019


Happy to making Homemade MISO today! We are using our own planted rice for Miso ingredients. Also based Soy beans are made in Hokkaido and 30% of them from our own Soy beans. Rice was made to malted rice before by 'KO-JI' special mold. That process is really necessary special technic. Keep temperature around 30D for 2 full days... so I am ordering this process Furano Suzuki Ko-ji shop. They are really professional!

So, mixing malted rice and salt, then boiled soy beans. Soy beans of temperature down to around 40D. Also we keep that used boiling water. Mixing soy beans and other ingredients and then crushing them, making Minch of every ingredients. Making minch balls of soft ball scale.

Then press that balls to a container by through in. For removing air pockets in minch balls. Otherwise,,,,, it might be happened mold in those air pockets..... that is sad.....

So we has to be carefully to this process. Leave it under dark and cool, leave it freshness air is coming place for 10 month at least to mature. I think last process is most difficult thing to making good miso....

No matured food, that is meaning no life for Japanese. This is based on our body and keep healthy life since long long long time ago. I always keep this next generations.