Lavender field at Furano Wine House, it is great view!


How wonderful day! This is Furano Blue Sky, No wind and Lavender is just looking good. Tokachidake Mountain range of landscape is clear.

Here is named Shimizuyama Grape Vine Hill area, Furano has a Winery as well. Also there is field for Deep color Lavender early. From the top of this hill, You can look out whole Furano town view.

It takes 20 minutes cycling away from JR Furano station, or even on foot, you can enjoy good exercise to there.

In Furano Wine House, you can enjoy tasty Furano Cheese Fondu and local Furano Wine with Furano Landscape.

Our E-Bike Furano area touring, we will take you to there. Stop by Furano local produced cheese sandwiches, fresh milk, cozy Cafe at the hill.... Furano has a lot of things to do!

Please visit our lovely small peaceful town Furano someday.