Lavender Hot Spot 'Lavender East' Farm Tomita Satellite Field


'Lavender East' is one of Farm Tomita lavender fields. Which is located in 10 minutes driving from main Farm Tomita's lavender area. It is spreading in Furano Basin. The View from here, You will feel to be close to Tokachidake Mountain Range. Which is a part of Daisetsuzan National Park. 'Ainu' is native people in Hokkaido, they called it 'Kamui Mintara'. It has meaning, 'Kamui' is God, 'Mintara' is Play Ground. So Ainu people explainged these massive mountain range districts 'The play Ground of Gods'.

You would imagine, how scale of this district is. Now a day, Furano Basin has been known Huge wellness farming district. But it has only 150 years as Hokkaido frontier history. Here is surrounding by wilderness and deep forests. Sometime, Wilderness is very serious strict to us, but they has another face of benefits to our life.

I think, Lavender is one of plenty benefits from wilderness of Furano.

'Lavender East' is open daily from 9am to 4:30pm in JULY only. If you do not have a car, urespa + furano E-Bike lavender area touring is great option for you! We Wellcome your apply, do not miss it!  

E-Bike Cycling Guided Tour