Leaf stamp pottery plate making workshop is new spot in E-Bike guided cycling tour!


Recently, urespa+furano is discussing about new spot 'Noragama' Pottery in Furano. They has carrier as modern pottery for table wares as main products. And they are one of our friends, and we ware leaving to have a coffee there last a several years actually. used be here I love enjoyed creating something daily used plates or cups etc... that a moment for focus making it, makes me release stress from any bothering me. In a moment, I feel so good!

We put this experience on urespa+furano guided cycling E-Bike touring in Furano area! There is not such a long time to creating big works, so we just make memorable plate each of Furano trip with us. Collecting something natural things on the way by E-bikes, then stamp them on the cray which already the master makes shape. Then wright something short message, name and dates....

They will finish up in a few month, then send you by sea shipping. Maybe you forget about this small experience for a while, but suddenly open the box from 'Noragama' pottery, remind you such a great time in Furano with someone who is your important person. And share this moment again and enjoy many times again and again!

Please check our cycling guided tour, E-Bike pages! See you in Furano.