A Happy New Year, urespa + furano original discovery tours 2019!!


A Happy New Year 2019 from urespa + furano!!
I hope everyone is very well with your family, friends and important people for you. Here, Furano has a great year for skiing with plenty snowing!
We are enjoying a moment with international guests on the happy holiday in Hokkaido~!! They are repeat customers to Furano. urespa + furano supports language translation between local ski instructors.

I believe that is very important thing to make happy to both of Furano and customers! We are happy to help and support, if you need some more small help, please contact us!

We are planning interesting and unique programmes as your memorable Furano's experience for 2019 year! If you have got planning to travel somewhere else.... in Hokkaido, Japan??

We are very supportive to planing your happy holiday, winter and summer!

  • Furano local farm visiting and wintering vegetable experience
  • Furano local ingredients home made sausage cooking
  • Beeswax candle workshop
  • Furano E-Bike and MTB guided touring
  • Furano melon harvesting
  • Beekeeper experience
  • Eco tour
  • Cherry tomato picking & seasonal harvesting & Outdoor pizza cooking experience

etc.... etc... and more!

We are planning more! Non-Stop unique ideas from local Furano lifestyle and experience! Please follow us and enjoy with us 2019 year!

A Happy New Year and wish wellness & happiness coming to all of you!